Fort Rock takes stand for students

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Fort Rock, part of World’s Loudest Month concert series and South Flordia’s loudest music festival have taken a stand with the students of the recent school shoot in by releasing the following statement via the festivals official Facebook page.

Students all over the country have decided to take a stand on school safety. We applaud them, and we are honored to stand by you. In an effort to spread awareness and create effective change, we are going to reward those who STAND UP for change on gun legislation.

Fort Rock future ticket purchasers who sign the ‘Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won’t” petition, will receive 50% off weekend tickets. Anyone who has already purchased a ticket and wishes to support change, can sign the petition and receive a free ticket.

To collect…
Sign this petition
Take a screenshot or forward your confirmation email to

No matter what your stance is on Gun control, we all can applaud DWP and the World’s Loudest Month for doing something positive and encouraging change, for the safety for our students, teachers, and faculty.

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