Album Review: Anxious Arms releases debut EP “Never Was”

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Album: Never Was
Artist: Anxious Arms
Release Date: 8.4.17

Originating from Sacramento, California, this alt punk band Anxious Arms has been gaining a following in their local market. Now they’ve released an EP which they recorded with Connor Rodenbaugh at Sound Heart Collective. The EP spans 6 songs, with every song having at least one part you’ll be thinking about later.

Gone Home is the first track on the EP and it definitely has a strong influence from Basement. With other hints off bands like Brand New, it’s definitely a strong start for the songs that follow. I can still hear the chorus melody because it’s so goddamn catchy, I love it. As for the song after, A Walk In The Dark, I think instrumentally it was great but their was a lot of loud inhaling of air just before each phrase by the singer. Still a great track, that’s just one thing I noticed.

The next track I think almost had a Touché Amore vibe to it was called Somehow, They Will Know. Once vocals come in it quickly goes to more of a Being As An Ocean style of screaming. Drums on this song are really leading the song and are probably some of the best moments of the record The next song, Hold It Close, starts off very calm but then halfway through changes pace and goes into a huge build up to drop at the very end.

Linger & Fade is the last song on the EP, and also the longest one. It’s probably the most different from the rest because it sort of just “lingers & fades” out. It’s almost a soundscape, and it could’ve potentially worked in the middle too. Yet, I think they were trying to have the last song sort of just fade out and bring the record to a close. Solid first EP by this band, check the EP out down below, and also check out all their socials!



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