Friday Thoughts W/ Scott Waldman: Warped Review

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Last week was the first week we began featuring the one and only Scott Waldman. This week he reflects on his time at Warped Tour and the sets he loved the most. For more content by Scott, tune into his Idobi Radio show ‘Waldman’s Words’ HERE.

Warped 2k17 Year In Review:

I had the privilege of attending three Warped Tour dates this year (Long Island, Mountain View, and Pomona), and I saw tens of bands. Overall, it was a heavier year than last, and a good one like all. Here’s my top five sets (with one word to describe each show):

5. Hatebreed (Mountain View, 8/4/17) – Brutal

4. Too Close To Touch (Long Island, 7/8/17) – Range

3. Anti-Flag (Long Island, 7/8/17) – Conviction

2. Goldfinger (Mountain View, 8/4/17) – Reverence

1. Silverstein (Pomona, 8/6/17) – Passion

Can’t wait for Warped 2k18… My first Warped show was in 1998! Time flies. Hugs. -Scott Waldman


Once again thanks to Mr. Waldman for his words and look out for a new piece each Friday!

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