WATCH: Vanna Just Played With Original Members

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After announcing their breakup this year, Vanna trekked on a farewell tour that paused, then the final show put it to an end tonight. Eighteen Visions and Knocked Loose were among the bands on the bill. The show put a punctuation on a career that has influenced many kids around the world with their brand of aggressive music.

Vanna released their first proper release on Epitaph records in 2007 entitled ‘Curses’. Since those years, the band has seen a variety of members coming and going in which tons of older material never gets played or performed. In fact, those older recordings are just a shell of what Vanna has come to be.

At this show in which they say goodbye forever, something we did not expect happened. The original lineup performed. Thanks to a friend on Facebook, we were able to see this as well. (Credit to Chad Sutliff) Watch below:

OG Vanna lineup playing songs. Wild.

Posted by Chad Sutliff on Friday, December 15, 2017



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