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When you think of the ‘screamo’ genre, there are very few bands whose names still carry so much weight. Of those bands, many of them have fallen by the wayside where very few have carried on since their inception. One of those bands is Emery. With all of them in their mid-30s to early 40s, they have become one of the genre’s first true legacy act who still pack out shows and get wild on stage.

We were able to catch up with the men who have influenced a genre and many bands in Charlotte, NC on their recent east coast headliner. The band tends to tour for a week or so at a time now to allow time for their families at home and other endeavors such as frontman Toby Morrell’s and Guitarist Matt Carter’s very successful brand and podcast, BadChristian. Which speaking of that, announced a conference in June featuring As Cities Burn as well, another legendary act. Watch the video below as we hit on some high points.

Touring With Younger Bands

One thing that remains true is that as you age in this scene, your surroundings stay the same. We opened up talking about how they are now touring with bands much younger than them who have looked up to them their entire careers. Bassist and co-vocalist Devin Shelton tells us that these bands tend to look up to them as big brothers and they try to impose wisdom and teach them as much as they can

New Emery Album Status And ‘Revival’ Album

We touched on what it means for the band to still come out after a long career and still be going strong as well as their new reimagined album called ‘Revival’. ‘Revival’ is a collection of Emery songs stripped down and well, reimagined.

The ‘Revival’ album is actually a reward for their crowdfunding campaign Emery did or their new forthcoming record. A stretch goal was made and achieved to make this project a full length. As for the real album, Matt Carter tells us most of the songs are done with some still needing tracking and we can expect a Spring release.

Matt & Toby Album vs Revival Album Vocally

On their podcast, the guys have mentioned with the new Matt & Toby album ‘I Quit Church’, that Toby used his voice in various ways that would never fit onto an Emery album. Using this concept and similar stripped-down style, we asked if he was able to do so with this ‘Revival’ record as well.

Toby explains that it was more of a freedom with the Emery record because the music was already there and set. So with an ease of singing and comfort and no screaming, Toby felt just fine and at ease doing this album

New Album Style, Future Of Music/Entertainment,+ More

We can’t give all of our secrets away that are in this interview so watch it above and let us know what you think!

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