Wage War Toss Fan’s Phone; Varials Member Defends Band

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We live in a time that everyone must document and upload their lives on the internet. Live shows are no exception as many probably watch a show through a tiny screen vs in the flesh that’s happening behind them. Even bands such as Wage War who have such a humility about themselves grow tired of this.

This can drive some bands insane having a crowd of phones in your face during the performance. There is nothing wrong with capturing a moment that you enjoy, but there is a difference between capturing a moment and living your moment, not experiencing the full picture around you.

A video surfaced today on the popular Facebook page ‘Deathcore Dad Memes’ in which a video was posted of Wage War frontman Briton Bond grabbing a phone from a fan and throwing it along with damaging it. For those who know Wage War this is not standard so something is off right off the bat with this occurring at all. You can even hear the person being kicked out after it happened too. Watch the video below before we explain:

Briton Bond of Wage War takes a phone from a fan, throws it, causing damage to the phone then proceeds to kick the dude out for trying to get some footage of one of his favorite bands. Shit like this is unacceptable! Regardless of what someone is doing, they DO NOT have the right to touch and damage your personal property. Fuck that. Video credit: Mikey MF Hayes

Posted by Deathcore Dad Memes on Thursday, December 7, 2017

On the Facebook post about this, Varials member Mitchell Rogers commented how this was not the band just being rude. You can read is explanation below:

My band is on the tour and we saw this happen last night. This dude kept jumping up on stage and grabbing the mic off of mic stands without the bands’ permission and standing literally in front of Briton and other frontmen on the tour trying to take selfies and interrupting performances. It was incredibly distracting it this was like the millionth time he did it that night. His behavior was disrespectful, he got what was coming to him.”

This is something I personally cannot stand to see at a show. People are there to watch the band, not you try to be cool and horribly scream into the mic. If you crowd surf get on, pick a safe spot to jump, and get off. Do not perform your horrible HxC dance moves, no one wants to see it and the band gets annoyed. Respect it’s the band’s show and you’re only entitled to a performance per the ticket purchased, not stage time for yourself. Don’t want a phone broken? Don’t act stupid.


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