PREMIERE: Ten Two ‘Raise Your Hand’ Lyric Video

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Today we proudly bring you a premiere from the emo world that will take you back. We have teamed up with Ten Two to premiere his lyric video for the song ‘Raise Your Hand’. Johnny B., the mind behind the project, may be a familiar name as he was the frontman for Still The Sky’s Limit. That band had some steam going as in 2012 they nabbed Erik Ron to produce their debut ‘Legacy’.

Ten Two was formed in 2015 after Johnny’s last band played their last note. The interesting thing about Ten Two, which may seem like a weird name, is in fact a thought out concept. The name comes from Johnny B.’s own name, his initials ‘J’ and ‘B’, which are the 10th and 2nd letters in the alphabet. Ten Two is something that long time emo fans can dive into as they carry elements from some big names such as Taking Back Sunday, The Early November, and the ultimate singer/songwriter emo brand, Dashboard Confessional.

One would assume that coming from a band with all things clicking for a bit, the thoughts of the what if’s seem to trickle in. However, that is not the case as this new project is readying it’s debut on Jan 5th of 2018 entitled ‘Forth’. The theme derives from the release’s title as he focuses on moving into new territory for his career while also touching light on the various aspects of the human condition.

Diving into this song, it is clear that carefulness and purpose was applied into song. The lyrics focus on the serious and horrible reality that is domestic abuse. The crazy thing is the content and musical contrasts as the lyrics are deep and heavy but the music has a poppy bounce feel to it. I will say, this won’t be for everyone, but this path and journey could pay dividends for Ten Two in the long run.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233.



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