Meet The Ex Bands Of Current Bands

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If you think that some of your favorite bands have always been buddies and formed in their city and now are big was how it went down you are gravely mistaken. It’s quite known that many big names such as Sleeping With Sirens do not have members who were there from when they got signed. This goes further back than that, some bands switch members so many times before signing that no one is an original member anymore. So with some of these bands having past members, we have compiled a list of bands some well known names used to be in. Some of them were great…some not so much. Consider these ex bands the ex girlfriends before the marriage.

This just goes to show that everyone, not just every band, started off as a local artist at some point. So learn the business and what works for your band to keep striving. If it’s just you grinding, ditch the rest and get everyone from other bands in the same boat to form a local powerhouse who all share the same goals and grind.

#1. Rory Rodriguez (Dayseeker)- Arms Like Yours

Before Rodriguez started making us feel feels in Dayseeker, he his ex band was called Arms Like Yours. Personally, I discovered them back in 2009, instantly loving their sound. It was emotional and powerful, which has had several elements carry over into Dayseeker

#2. Spencer & Phil Chamberlain (Underoath/To Speak Of Wolves)- This Runs Through

Spencer Chamberlain has cemented his name into post hardcore/metalcore history being the frontman for the legendary Underoath. His brother, Phil Chamberlain, is the drummer for Solid State Records band To Speak Of Wolves who released their first recording in four years last year in the form of an EP and a full length this year which is top ten album worthy. Before going their separate ways, the Chamberlain brothers were in a North Carolina act called This Runs Through. The act had a stint on Indianola Records in which still sells their only release. Probably one of the best ex bands out there altogether.

#3. Chris Roetter (Like Moths To Flames)- Agraceful/Emarosa

Before he was commanding the stage in Like Moths To Flames, Roetter had been in two bands, one of which is still going on today. For those who don’t know, he was the frontman for Emarosa back when they had post hardcore roots. After that departure, he formed Agraceful who got signed to Sumerian Records for one album before disbanding. Interesting enough, both of these bands starting off were Christian bands, Emarosa is no longer one, which as many know from Like Moths To Flames’ lyrics, neither is Roetter.

#4. Richard Rogers (Secrets)- Dawn Defeo

This was a band in which had everything you’d want in a late 00s early 10s band. From sound to looks, they played the part and did it well. Richard Rogers’ voice hasn’t changed much and is very recognizable even back in this old band. Though gone and done and Rogers’ in bigger things, this band is still a gem to listen to.

#5. Garret Rapp (The Color Morale)- The Killer Apathy

This one is an old one, going back to 2006. Before The Color Morale and inspiring many kids across the world, Garret Rapp was in The Killer Apathy. Now funny enough, back in 2013 I posted a song onto The Color Morale’s page of an old song from this band, going back to get it for this, the song isn’t there. So to relive this band, we have a video below from Warped Tour 2006 of a live performance.

#6. Tyler Carter/Michael Bohn? (Issues)- A Path Less Traveled

Tyler Carter was probably born out of the womb singing perfectly. It seems everything this guy has touched as we keep going back has been gold. Most of the scene was introduced to Carter’s voice, as well as co frontman Michael Bohn, when Woe, Is Me was releasing demos, eventually signing to then Rise Records imprint Velocity and releasing their debut ‘Number[s]’. Before Woe, Is Me and Issues, they were in A Path Less Traveled. The band released a record in 2009 called ‘From Here On Out’. **Bohn has a question mark due to rumors this week that seem to point of Bohn no longer being in Issues**

#7. Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King- Bodies Awake

This one is a new one for me as I was not familiar with this band previously until researching for this piece. So not much to say here other than that he has grinded for years to be where he is now with Fit For A King.

#8. Jonny Craig (Slaves)- westerHALTS

We could have added Ghost Runner On Third here, but that’s no fun. We went WAY back, to 2001. A then 15 year old Jonny Craig was singing on a level that no 15 year old usually can, and hitting the notes as usual. Not much came of westerHALTS, literally nothing…except this one and only song that was ever recorded by the band. Though THEY didn’t amount to anything, not a single person in this scene can say they don’t know who Jonny Craig is.

#9. Craig Owens/Nick Martin (Chiodos/Sleeping With Sirens)- Cinematic Sunrise

Formed in 2005, the band which consisted of two members who would go on to influence the very scene they were merely locals in, Cinematic Sunrise was more so a alt pop rock act than a post hardcore one. Most people know Owens and Martin for their work in Chiodos/Isles & Glaciers and Sleeping With Sirens/Isles & Glaciers. Cinematic Sunrise released an album via Equal Vision Records in 2008 called ‘A Coloring Story Book And Long Playing Record’.

#10. Mike Hranica (The Devil Wears Prada)- xGUMBYx

Yes. This was a ‘real’ band that the insightful mind behind the lyrics of The Devil Wears Prada was part of. Though it can only be taken with a grain of salt, seriously, do not consider this a band and think of it as someone who would go on and do great things learning garageband for the first time. The brutality is mixed with hilarious lyrics, especially in the song below called ‘Kill Everyone’ in which shots at Circa Survive, Hawthorne Heights, and Blink-182 are taken. This is the definition of having enough internet for one day and I’m glad we at Soundlink Magazine could bring that moment to you.


So there ya have it. 10 ex bands of current bands we all know and love today. Who were you shocked by? Who has improved or maybe gotten worse? Any ex bands we left out? Let us know!


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