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The boys from down under in the form of In Hearts Wake has been grinding out on a co-headliner with Fit For A King over the past month or so. Rounding out the tour lineup they have been joined by Phinehas and Like Moths To Flames supporting the bill and trust us, it was a bill for attending.

As always, we try to bring some amazing from the shows we attend and this one did not disappoint. We sat down with frontman Jake Taylor in which we covered numerous topics about the band’s home in Australia, the meaning of their music, and their new record, Ark.

First Co-Headliner In The USA

This is the band’s first headlining role in the United States. They have done some previously elsewhere. We discussed that and the growth the band has seen to get to this point in a country so far from their home.

New Album Ark/Rewards Reaped

In Hearts Wake’s record ‘Ark’ was a highly anticipated one for 2017 and did not disappoint. Where there is the success, the fruits to be reaped of the accomplishments are plenty. We touched on how the new album has impacted where In Hearts Wake is now in their career.

5 Years=5 Albums, 5 Years Into The Future=?

One of the things In Hearts Wake has done is become a record machine. It seems like it has been such a long time that they have been around but in reality, it has only been 5 years or so that we have had with them and their records. So what does the next 5 years of In Hearts Wake look like?

Impact Of Warped Tour On In Hearts Wake

With the current form we see Warped Tour ending in 2018, it has impacted the entire music community with its history and lore. In Heats Wake has played the tour in 2016 and so it was fitting to discuss the impact of that summer as well as what Warped Tour has meant to everyone.

USA vs Australia Metalcore + Meaningful Content + More

As always, we can’t give EVERYTHING away. To hear about our differences in viewing metalcore in the USA and Austrailia, the deep lyrics and message the band coveys, on top of some other goodies, watch the interview above and don’t forget to subscribe!

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