Interview With Janelle Dunnaway, Injured Girl From Spite Show

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*Before we go into this, Janelle Dunnaway wanted us to let everyone to know to NOT be bullying or harassing the male who hit her. Neither of them asked for this and bullying someone and sending hateful things are not ok. *

Heavy shows have been known to cause drama and cause discussions about moshing and pit etiquette. Every now and then, one incident will happen and throw the scene into a frenzy with everyone from kids who don’t go to shows to bands who live this life day to day weighing in on it. Just this past week the internet went into a firestorm when a girl named Janelle Dunnaway was injured at a show while Stay Sick Recordings band Spite was playing their last song of the night.

The basis of the story goes that she was standing by the pit and a guy targeted her causing her to lose some teeth and have a skull fracture. A Gofundme was then set up on her behalf by Kristen, a member of the metalcore band Conquer Divide to which the band then got accused of using it for their personal gain. Claims also say Dunnaway made up her injuries and that she is lying about the whole thing.

With no one going to her, the source, and getting her side and the guy who hit her’s side (we reached out but declined to speak with us), we decided to set up a call to ask about everything and press the questions that many people are asking about it. We were the first media outlet to reach out to her vs writing what we think happened. So listen to the interview below to hear her side of what happened, to which a little bit on both sides of the incident took things a little too far, which her response to that may shock you.


1. Was She Crowd Killed/Targeted?:

This was one up for debate and one that I thought was a bit exaggerated. She openly admits also that she likes to throwdown and get in the pits also. I asked her if she thinks she was or if she misused the terms. I explained what I saw in the video from the incident and it had appeared to be accidental. She doesn’t remember much, which you hear what she does remember in the interview so listen before assuming things off this summary, so she isn’t sure entirely, either way, this was the one for me that I had to find out about. I still hold that it was a misusage of words.

2. She Is NOT Janel From Conquer Divide:

One publication has reportedly stated that Janel Monique, co-frontwoman for Conquer Divide, was the one injured. Janel is good and well, a fellow member who is friends with Janelle Dunnaway made the account to help her out. Which leads us to the next one…

3. Conquer Divide Is NOT A Beneficiary To The Gofundme Campaign:

Rumors have been going around the band is using Janelle Dunnaway’s story to gain some money for a new van. This is not true either in any way. Dunnaway is the only beneficiary to the Gofundme and as the medical bills gotten bigger, the amount asked for has as well. The financial burden nor the traction it has garnered were not known in any way from the start.

4. Injuries Have Been Misinterpreted:

Janelle Dunnaway was actually hurt at the show. What happened is what has caused people to question. Multiple teeth have been affected though only two have been removed and two almost ready to come out. A couple more have been injured as well though they are still rooted deep and nothing can be done at this point for them. The biggest misconception is the skull fracture, which understandably so. The skull is technically your whole head, so when many think of that they assume the top or side of your head, not the facial area of the head. This fracture was on the facial area away from the brain, not causing major damage or cause for concern.

5. Going To Wage War/Gideon Show:

This part is true, and though questionable as many probably wouldn’t go, she was ok to go. She was treated and put on medicine, and as you can hear in the talk we had, it was a sign of strength vs just laying around being sad. She has said she was away from it all didn’t go near the pit at all, but she was there and as you can read above about the misinterpreted injuries, she was not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.


Photos Of Medical Bills/Injuries:


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