LIONHEART reunites and announces European tour

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Last year the hardcore veterans of LIONHEART called it quits. They decided to disband and go on two tours of Europe as a farewell to all of the fans in those areas. On December 10th they had what was their last show in their home territory of Oakland, CA. But now with a statement released on their facebook, it seems that they’re headed out on a tour and realizing they should’ve never broken up in the first place.

From Their Facebook:

“ATTN: When we announced our breakup, over a year ago, we meant it. Balancing jobs and personal lives w/ trying to tour full time was impossible, so we chose to take a step back. However, it wasn’t long before we all missed it. This is what we’ve known for over a decade and this is who we are. We all miss playing shows and releasing music, so fuck it: We are back. We’ll never be a full time band again, but close friends of ours have encouraged us to join them on a short run, so we will share that info later today. We never should have broken up in the first place, but we’ve been fucking up since day 1 so why change now? Life is short. See you soon. LHHC.”

When they decided to end it, it made a big impact on the scene, especially in their home area of Northern California. But sure enough they realized that being a band and touring is what they’re meant to do, but saying that they’ll never be a full time band again. In another statement issued later they stated that they never would’ve came back if it wasn’t for their friends who are on the tour with them. Below is a flower with dates listed for foreign shows.

Lionheart- Pain(2016)


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