Interview: GWAR Opens About Their New Record And…Other Things

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If you have ever been around GWAR or have heard their name, then you know hat anything can come out of their mouths. Known for spraying blood and ‘killing’ whoever is President Of The Untied States Of America on stage, pretty much the unexpected is all that is guaranteed. The band has gotten backlash recently for their comments about Linkin Park the day we found out about the tragic passing of Chester Bennington. The band said from stage, “Suicide isn’t a joke, but Linkin Park is”. This interview was done well before that so that is not included. Watch it below:

Warped Tour, Silverstein, New Album

We kick this off on an introduction to which he says that he plays in Silverstein. Right off the bat this went pretty crazy. Silverstein was playing during the interview in which he says ‘I thought this was Hatebreed, isn’t this what hardcore has become?’. Only a day later, a member from GWAR went on stage during a Silverstein set and played a song after ‘Killing’ a member of the band.

We touched on their new album which drops later this year, to which the jokes continued. When discussing it he says that Jesus Christ came back to produce it, there were tons of drugs and alcohol, and the album really sucks. On the serious note, he mentions the band moving forward after the passing of two of their members, which this album being the first one to be released after their deaths.

Spraying Blood And Donald Trump

When talking about all the fans that are coming out this summer, he touches on many of them are seeing GWAR for the first time. He references them spraying blood on them and everyone smiling no one smiles when, uh, ‘something else’ is sprayed on them as well. We will let you listen for that one.

We get into some jokes regarding President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall around the border. The jokes involve a wall around the Earth, healthcare, and his DUI’s in other countries. You just have to hear it all.


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