From Under The Willow Deliver Emotional Single

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The up and comers in From Under The Willow have dropped a brand new single this week. It’s a song that hits hard not only musically but emotionally as well. You can listen to it below!

From Under The Willow frontman, Wes Good, had this to say about the song as well:

HIRAETH is the first song From Under The Willow has released in a while. I took so much time making sure that every aspect of this new music was as pure as it could possibly be. I needed a therapeutic outlet. I felt that there were things that I needed to say, rather than just wanting to write about a topic. I wanted to step away from all of the voices, all of the numbers, and all of the competition of the scene and just write something that really meant something to us! This song is about the struggles of living in the world we do. A place where its not ok to be sad, or upset, or fat, or anything other than a joy to the people around you. The fact is, this way of life is just crap, nobody will ever be perfect. We all have thoughts, good and bad, as well as emotions and opinions. This song is me telling myself that it is ok to feel, and reminding me that if i try and squash that, I end up pushing away the people I care about the most.”

The song is amazing and flows extremely well. The band has developed more maturity just in time before being well known to be a certain way and ridiculed for changing later. Check the song below and let From Under The Willow know what you think!

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