EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Mizell Tell All On Career + Music Industry + More

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As much as bands influence others and create their own sound, none of that would be possible without the ear and skills of a producer, whether within the band or elsewhere. This same idea applies to these producers who no matter the act is, their fingerprints can be heard on each record they do, sometimes creating a new direction for the artist that the artist didn’t intend to have done at the start. Very few names have become mainstays in the alternative scene who are responsible for some of the most known bands from early on to those still going today. Among those producers are Cameron Mizell out of Chango Studios.

Cameron Mizell has had his staple on many releases by some chart-toppers such as Sleeping With Sirens, ‘Feel’, Memphis May Fire, basically everything, Woe Is Me, ‘Number[s]’, Slaves, ‘Routine Breathing’, and The Word Alive, ‘Real’, to name a few. Through all of these triumphants there was darkness at the time same time in Cameron Mizell’s life that has shaped him into who he is today. We had the privilege to have him on and talk to us about things he has been through, lessons learned, and what the future holds for him.

The Morla Collective

The new venture he has created which we are also a part of now as well is The Morla Collective. A non-profit that strives to provide an artist with everything they need from production, artwork, booking, management, etc all for free. This results in the artist keeping their profits vs having to pay off other people before pocketing anything. You can visit the site and get information HERE and connect via Facebook HERE.

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