Old Sleeping With Sirens Coming Back?

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You read that right! It seems to be looking like the era of Sleeping With Sirens we had from the ‘Let’s Cheers…’ days just MAY be coming back. With several bands now changing their sounds or shifting genres, Sleeping With Sirens is one that continues to push and go further away from the scene they started in. While a band changing and evolving is progress and can be a great thing, nothing can ever replace the feelings and love you found for a band when first hearing them or in their earlier days.

From Breakdowns To Sing-Alongs

Sleeping With Sirens has always stood out due to frontman Kellin Quinn’s impeccable range, mainly in the higher register. They came onto the scene at the tail end of the MySpace era when this wave of the Post-Hardcore genre was evolving and still sort of a wild wild west of what we have today. Underoath had their lock on the influence giving the blueprints for bands like Sleeping With Sirens, early Motionless In White, The Devil Wears Prada, and more to incorporate singing and pop choruses in heavy music.

The debut from Sleeping With Sirens, “With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear”, was everything one wanted from a band of this genre. The heavy parts were forceful, the melodic parts were intoxicating, and the hooks for were catchy as hell. On the follow up record, “Let’s Cheers To This”, we saw the melodic side show more while the heavy got pulled back some and the rest is history with “Feel” being the foundation for “Madness” and last year’s offering “Gossip” which received tons of criticism while “Madness” was better received. Part of that was the single “Legends” being used for the USA Olympic team.

Jack Fowler Gives Us Hope via Twitter

Earlier today, a series of tweets from Sleeping With Sirens guitarist, Jack Fowler, were posted hinting at a possible revamp back to the older style:

It seems that the fans want it too and to be honest, S A M E!

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