WATCH: Interview #3 W/ Enterprise Earth

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WOW! This is the third time we have talked to the band Enterprise Earth and every time we do the band has grown more and more. We will link the other two in the bottom of this article at the end in case you have missed them!

We spoke with frontman Dan Watson at their stop in South Carolina on their run with Make Them Suffer recently. You can watch it below!

Three Interviews, Three Releases, Why So Fast?!

We start with the knowledge that this is the third interview we have done with Enterprise Earth, but also the third release they have had out. With all of them being so close together, let’s be honest, most bands would have had one out and a new one coming within the span of these interviews, we asked why and how do they pump them out seemingly fast compared to the traditional time frames which is around 1 1/2 years or 2 years. Watch to find out why and Dan’s process along with BJ on doing it so fast.

Evolving And Growing While Releasing Music Fast/New Members Playing A Role

It was interesting to get into how the band grows and develops while they release music so fast. Most bands take time to mess around and try new things to make their sound even better which takes 2 years to do at times. For Dan and Enterprise Earth, they try some new things while writing new music.

We also asked within this time frame, the new faces in the band impacting the sound. Though Dan and BJ write the most, others do write and play with the newer material. Dan even hints at trying new vocal styles, now that begs the question…Will new Enterprise Earth have clean vocals?

Deathcore Genre Label

With the heavy band that Enterprise Earth is, we find many bands do not like the term Deathcore or even want to be associated with it. With so many bands changing their sound and even adding other elements, we find Dan’s welcoming of the label to be interesting. Watch the interview to hear how and why he sees it as a positive thing!

Warner Buying Artery, Does It Affect Stay Sick?

Though it is often thought that Stay Sick Records and Artery Records were affiliated, it turns out that is not the case. With Warner buying out Artery, one of our BIGGEST questions when we announced this interview was to ask about them and Stay Sick. We are pleased to say that they are perfectly fine! Though their contract with Stay Sick is drawing near, they may be into exploring other options. Or are they? Watch to see for sure!

Past Interviews W/ Enterprise Earth

**Unfortunately we can’t access the podcast interview at this time**

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