Top 10 The Beatles Albums By Scott Waldman

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Here we are once again! Soundlink had a BUSY weekend this week being at Self Help and everything so our weekly column with Scott is a bit late. Alas, tis here as always though! If you know anything about Mr. Waldman you would know his love for one of the most iconic rock bands of all time, The Beatles, runs deep. They have very much been a major part of his musical journey as they have for many casual fans of the band as well.

If You’ve Been Under A Rock…

History lesson for those who may be thinking about a bunch of bugs when they hear The Beatles and not the band themselves. The band came over to the USA from Europe to a mass of screaming girls. The fan girl has been around for years and chances are, your mom or grandma may have been one of these girls back in the day. Any way, their live performance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ became one of the most iconic performances ever which helped them explode onto the rock scene, selling countless hit albums, and selling out countless stadiums. It goes that since this was before click tracks and in ears, drummer Ringo Starr kept tempo by watching the front 3 shaking their hips because the shows were so loud with screaming girls. One member, Paul McCartney, remains alive today and has released several solo records himself.

The Top 10 Per Scott Waldman

Alright, here it is! The top 10 The Beatles albums by the man himself!

Top ten Beatles albums:

10. Please Please Me
9. With The Beatles
8. Beatles For Sale
7. Magical Mystery Tour
6. A Hard Day’s Night
5. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 
4. Revolver
3. Rubber Soul
2. Help!
1. Abbey Road

Sorry to those who love “Yellow Submarine,” “Let It Be,” and “The White Album”

WHOA! Seems the popular ‘The White Album’ missed the cut here, but we trust his judgement to know there were great reasons for this. Now go to your favorite streaming service and check this band out if you haven’t or take a stroll down memory lane!


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