PREMIERE: Sacramento band Ease and international band Spoiled release split!

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Today we have a premiere for some of my friends here in California, an Emo/Hardcore band known as Ease. They fuse styles of bands like Balance & Composure, Basement, and Title Fight to make their own type of sound. Along with them we have an international band from Cyprus, in Mediterranean Sea, that goes by the name Spoiled.This was the first I’d actually heard of them but I was thoroughly impressed by their song on the split. The split is only one song a piece, totalling around 6 minutes total in length, yet packs a lot of energy into that brief amount of time.

Both bands are considerably small yet with these kinds of moves they’ll be sure to turn some heads as they continue making music. The sheer dynamic level th6

at both the bands reached on the songs, especially with Spoiled incorporating some elements of heavier genres, was something I really loved about both tracks. Ease has a much more emotional aspect to their music, Spoiled has more of a intense, which creates for a well-done first split by the two bands.

The split will be available for download over at Ease’s bandcamp on August 26th if you dig what you’ve heard. You can also find links to both bands socials down below!

(You may want to lower the volume for Spoiled’s section because it is somewhat louder of a mix compared to Ease’s.)

Where you can find the split tomorrow, August 26th:

Ease Socials


Spoiled Socials 


Side note: Be sure to support your local bands like both of these guys, without a supportive scene these bands can’t do what they love to do. I know I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my local hometown and now college scene. Go to shows, start playing an instrument, get involved in your local scene!

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