INTERVIEW: The Acacia Strain Talks Gravebloom + Warped Tour

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Devin from the deathcore band The Acacia Strain spoke with us recently about what the band has been up to. They recently dropped their new record ‘Gravebloom’ which has had fans raving, which is good considering deathcore is in such a weird spot where every band seems to be getting a bit softer. We discussed that as well along with the new record’s meaning. Watch the interview below!

Warped Tour

Devin tells us aside from the heat playing for the old fans as well as new ones is amazing. He tells us it’s wild seeing kids go crazy in the heat outside while he used to, but now couldn’t do it. If it’s one thing The Acacia Strain does, it’s bring the heat regardless of temperature.

Gravebloom Meaning

We asked about the name of the new record if it has any sort of concept or meaning behind it. Devin tells us that lyrically it was centered around death and thinking of that isn’t the worst thing in the world. Though he couldn’t give us too much info due to Vincent being the main writer of those things.

Working A ‘Real Job’ While Being In A Full Time Band

Devin tells us that working the right kind of job is the key. It can take time to find one but they have found the right jobs with him specifically doing a video game store job which the manager loves the music. Other members have recording studios they run and produce while the others work other jobs to provide for their new families.


Band Sponsor: Ribcage

Ribcage was first inspired by the hate fueled antics that society has become. These lyrics are our feelings, not meant to offend.
Debut single “INJUSTICE” out on YouTube, bandcamp, and soundcloud.


Reed Bolin – Vocals/Drums
Jesse Cox – Guitar
Samuel Lee – Bass



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