Eternity Forever announced hiatus, drama unfolds among band members

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Earlier this year we got a taste of a new supergroup of sorts known as Eternity Forever. It featured Kurt Travis(ex-Dance Gavin Dance, ex-A Lot Like Birds), Ben Rosett(Strawberry Girls), and Brandon Ewing(Chon). They released a great EP titled “Fantasy” which is definitely one I jammed all summer long and was actually fortunate enough to see live in Sacramento, CA.

With only one show so far the band began work on a new EP so they could have a full set at potential future shows. Recently, however, there has been some drama spark up amongst the band members. In a string of Facebook posts on his artist page, Kurt Travis accused Ben of withholding money from Brandon and him. Ben denied that and responded with his side of the story in the comments. You can find the whole conversation down below.

Brandon and I have zero control of the Eternity Forever social medias. Ben has removed us and has put the band on hiatus without our consent

Posted by Kurt Travis on Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ben replied with:
I didn’t put the band on hiatus without consent. First off, it was Brandon’s idea in the first place to go on hiatus because he’s been working on another project. Then I talked to Kurt on the phone and we came up with a plan to liquidate all the merch, split the money equally, and pause the project. Not sure why he’s making stuff up now.

A comment by Frank W. D’Amico(Surrounded By Giants) gave a really good point:

With all do respect, enough with this nonsense. FB is not the place. Not trying to be pitted between some of my favorite musicians. Sort it out in private guys.

What’s even weirder is that the Eternity Forever Facebook page is completely gone, which puzzles me even more to what really happened. While it’s drama it’s best for them to deal it with each other personally, rather than have fans feel as if they have to pick sides. Both Ben & Kurt seem like great guys from all my times seeing them live, Ben even gave me some advice one time on how to send your music to people the right way. That is, attaching a personal message rather than just shooting a link. We all live and learn though.

Either way, if you haven’t heard their EP I highly suggest doing so. If it were an album I would put it up for my album of the year.

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