Emery Frontman Releases ‘Worship Song’; Outsells Actual Worship Artists

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If you have been around for the last ten years or so you may have heard of the band Emery. The South Carolina to Seattle, WA based band has become a staple in not only the Christian alternative scene but overall as well after spending time on Tooth & Nail Records. What only seems like a few years ago, the band became independent on their own brand BadChristian Music which stems from the popular podcast The BadChristian Podcast. The show features Toby Morrell and Matt Carter of Emery and a pastor named Joey Svendsen and the show covers issues within the modern church.

One topic of discussion has been how the church community has lost it’s sense of leading the arts and it has been watered down trash. Toby was challenged to make a worship song using these elements that we find today in acts such as Hillsong or Bethel Music, in only 30 minutes. He has done it and released his single ‘Forever Rain’ today and it has been climbing the iTunes Christian & Gospel charts currently sitting at #35. This single has passed acts such as Hillsong United (their popular hit ‘Oceans’), MercyMe, Chris Tomlin, Elevation Worship and many more. It is interesting to say the least in the grand scope of music of parody acts are charting better than what they are parodying to begin with, such as YouTuber Jarrod Alonge and his host of ‘bands’ such as Sunrise Skater Kids and Canadian Softball, the latter releasing a record only a few months ago. What does it say about the overall state of music if someone begins to blur the lines of real and comedy if it can be easily done and done well? I believe that is the point of projects like this.

Though not available on YouTube or Spotify, you can purchase this single/stream it via Apple Music for 99 cents. Emery is also slated to release a new record this year as well along with the side project Matt & Toby which is called ‘I Quit Church’. Be on the look out for these releases and may a ‘hedge of protection’ surround you.

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