What Does The New Taylor Swift Album Mean For Music?

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In 2014 it was a different time for Taylor Swift and the whole music climate. We saw streaming still in it’s infancy in comparison to now, records were still valued in some way, and Taylor Swift wasn’t the mega name she has become since the record ‘1989’. Granted she was big, but this record took her to the next level.

In the release of the album, Swift made herself the voice for the music world by creating stories of taking it and all of her records off streaming services due to the low royalty payments, especially to indie artists who many had her back in this. We saw her become best friends with Paramore’s own Haley Williams, a feud with Katy Perry, and the usual guy problems that seem to follow her in every album. This also allowed us to grow a popular question here at Soundlink in which we ask bands should they meet her and interact with her in a way they so desire, what would the song be about?

Here in 2017 we have a new record coming in November with a new single to be released tonight from the album. The catch is we have no idea what to expect from Taylor Swift as her style has progressed into an 80s synth pop album in 2014. With bands like The 1975 and Paramore adding their flavor onto it and getting massive, will we see something similar from her? Check the album art below and continue reading…

A bunch of music reflects on the art and aesthetics of the imagery surrounding it. Judging by this style in the photos above, and the name ‘Reputation’ it looks like this record will be making a statement. Many people have a ton to say about her and this seems to be the album for her to say everything she has wanted to say about her critics and how others view her.

Style wise I am betting on a darker, ambient pop vibe that we see from Halsey or another bff, Lorde. This year she did allow her music to return to streaming services which would allow one to assume this record will be as well. So what does this mean for the industry?

I am predicting this record will become the most streamed record of the year and shattering current records and making new. I’ll even go as far to say that she can land a #1 slot on the Billboard 200 from streams alone without counting actual sales! If anything, the whole industry will once again see her at the forefront and after the court battle she’s in now over sexual assault, Taylor Swift will be front and center for a long time.

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