Check your temperatures, there’s a fever coming!

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With the way the world is today we need artists like these more than ever, people who aren’t afraid to speak for what they believe in. Jason Butler, formerly of Letlive., is known for speaking for what he believes is right. Both in the music and his everyday life he practices what he preaches. Throw in Stephen Harrison, formerly of The Chariot, and Aric Improta of Night Verses and you have a trio of some amazingly talented musicians.

The Fever is a new band formed by the 3, and was first heard of after releasing clues to where their first performance would be. This wasn’t an ordinary performance, it was a sort of demonstration to everyone. Parked out front of Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, CA the band had their first ever show together. Butler is from Inglewood, and with it’s location it only seems necessary to pick that as the first spot.

Now they’re about to play at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, a show which tickets were priced at $3.33 general admission. Tickets are already sold out, and it makes sense for how notable all of these musicians are. Currently they have one single out on soundcloud, spotify, and apple music. Today, August 23rd, they released their first music video at exactly 3:33pm. The style of their music seems to be largely be influenced by both Butler’s and Harrison’s former bands. Aric still adds his own style into the mix though, which is always great.

Either way I’m getting a fever just from how excited I am to see what these 3 individuals have up their sleeves. The music video is pretty self-explanatory and truly conveys the live performance of the band. Check it out for yourself, it’s not the most complex song but definitely one of the most “in your face” type of songs I’ve heard in awhile.

There’s a fever coming…

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