Meet Shamecult; Members Of Outline In Color/Ex Miss Fortune/Ex Conquer Divide

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We ran a piece awhile back on how super groups seem to be becoming more and more common as of late. This bring us to a new one featuring members of Outline In Color, ex members of Miss Fortune and Conquer Divide. That band is called Shamecult, who have also come right out of the gate with a deal on Stay Sick Recordings. The band was announced this past week in which we reached out to Michael Skaggs of Outline In Color about the project. Read it below!

SLM: This group has members of Outline In Color, Miss Fortune, and Conquer Divide involved. What sparked this idea of this super group of sorts?

MS: Trevor (Outline In Color) was writing some heavier songs that didn’t fit the OIC style about a year or so ago. He and I come from hardcore roots and I told him he should write some more songs. We got CJ, Nick, and Ashley involved with no plans other than the love of it. 

SLM: Shamecult is a brand new band already signed to Stacy Sick Recordings, which is early on for yall. How did the deal come so quick when some bands out there still haven’t been noticed, do the members involved play a role in that?

MS: We put the EP together and once we had it finished we decided to check to see if anyone was interested. Outline’s old manager Mike Milford, who is also the president at Stay Sick, was sent a copy and loved it and wanted to team up with us on it. He is responsible for Outline’s successes and a fan of the band as well, so we decided to work with him on this. 

SLM: Shamecult is an interesting name, is there a concept behind that and the EP coming? Also, the single is very much more heavy than the music made by the bands each respective member comes from, what inspired that style?

MS: It is a self titled in which the concept comes from ideas of self loathing, self medication, and substance abuse. Just a ton of stuff we have all dealt with and is plaguing the youth out there. It is something we thought would resonate and that is real to us. So many kids dealing with the Heroin epidemic and depression across the world. We wanted it to be something to help them not feel alone. Stylistically Trevor and I come from Hardcore bands and metal bands as far back as 2006. We used to play in many different bands together. 

SLM: We know that Shamecult is dropping an EP, what other news regarding the band can we expect?

MS: We are looking in 2018 for touring options. Nothing too crazy but we have some strategic shows for the rest of this year. Outline has been doing a ton of international touring so when we get back from the UK we will do a few shows here and look to next year when after the EP comes out.

You can watch the debut single from Shamecult below and pre-order the EP HERE!

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