Straight Out The Pit #56: Johnny Crowder (Dark Sermon/Prison)

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We get a ton of interesting people on our show as well as in our video interviews. Johnny Crowder is no exception due to his outlook on the music industry and life. Johnny is best known for his time fronting the band Dark Sermon, who have since broken up and has now formed a band called Prison

Finding Salvation?

The crazy thing is if you know anything about Dark Sermon you know they had some intense stage imagery going on. So it goes to say without a doubt when fans of his music saw a photo awhile back of Johnny getting baptized, it raise a few eyebrows. We certainly get into this in which he reveals it is something he has been wrestling with and finding answers for all throughout the music Dark Sermon made.

Music Business, Record Labels, DIY

The main reason I asked Johnny to come onto the show was because of his plethora of knowledge he would share on his personal Facebook page. He knows the business fairly well and after some of the experiences with Dark Sermon, he may be taking a different approach with Prison. Doing it his way on his terms. Expect Prison to be a band that plays and tours when they want to, as well as giving out their music to fans who can’t buy the record as they did with their debut. These are some of the perks bands have when they have no label or anyone over them controlling their actions. However, doing it DIY presents may other challenges where control and freedom are the perks.

Of course, the details and quotes aren’t in this piece as it is an overview to get one to go listen. Plus, it’s better to hear it from his mouth vs what I’m typing here.


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