Pressure Cracks Is Jason Butler’s 2nd, Chaotic Band

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For those who don’t know, Jason Butler (ex Letlive) has released a new record with a new band called The Fever 333. It was a departure from what fans of his last band came to know but is a great listen. This, however, is NOT his only new band. We stumbled upon a page called Pressure Cracks with at the time of this writing has only 94 ‘likes’ and one teaser video on the page. This teaser video lends so much of what this band is going to sound like and we are ready to spin kick you in the face. Check it out below:

SUMMER 2018???? Widow Brothers

Posted by PRESSURE CRACKS on Friday, March 30, 2018

As you can hear, it is hinting at some insane and crazy sounding music that we got from Letlive and even beyond that. There is nothing else mentioned other than that stuff is coming later this year as well as a website which has several teaser photos and clips which you can find HERE. One of the most interesting aspects of this new band is that according to the members on their Facebook page, Jason Butler isn’t even mentioned as one.

Dan Bieranowski
Kevin Fifield
Bill Galvin
Ryan Doria

We are definitely looking forward to this new and heavier project and cannot wait to see what is released with it.

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