Geoff Rickly, Thursday Frontman, Speaks On Singers Struggling With Mental Health

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If you weren’t around in the 00s then the band called Thursday may seem like a name you have never heard of. The band was influential in the Post-Hardcore genre with their very creative style. Frontman, Geoff Rickly, responded on Twitter today to a question about why it seems that singers always seem to be more depressed or suicidal in the tragic wake of Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington.

The conversation began as:

Any insights into why this seems to happen in the industry? How do we help people who (from an outside view) seem to have it all?

I do, actually. It may be a lot for a tweet. But I’ll screen cap a note and send it when I get home tonight

Thank you. I hate to see this happening and I know many people would love to help the artists they love in whatever way they can.

This led the singer to pen a long message about the struggles of being a singer and dealing with mental health issues and what causes them to be so common amongst them. Below are the screen caps of what Geoff was penning:

It’s great to see people reaching out, asking questions, and wanting to know how to struggle or how others have struggled. Every life matters. YOUR life matters. Humans are humans regardless of the status society puts on you or develop yourself to have. No one is above depression or suicide, it plays no favorites. Tell those you love you love them and to make sure they know you’re their support system.

As said before in our report on Bennington’s death, we at Soundlink urge you to seek help if you feel like there is nowhere else to turn. There is always someone there to listen and try and help. Please call the Suicide Hotline it can make the difference 1-800-273-8255.

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