EXCLUSIVE: The Buried Heart premiere debut EP “Safe Harbor”

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Here at Soundlink, whenever we get the chance we love to be able to premiere new and upcoming musicians and help them get the exposure they deserve. This time we have a band originating from Northern California named The Buried Heart. Started by Jack Wittich, TBH is essentially his solo project, but with friends coming in to fill in for live performances. Safe Harbor was produced by Allen Casillas who drums for VIS, and does tour drumming for Hail The Sun. It just so happens that he actually drummed on this album, with Jack doing all of the vocals, guitars, and bass parts.

Having known Jack for a little while, and even filling in on bass on and off for the past year, it’s awesome to see the evolution of a person’s sound. Most notably, the track Opia which is sort of the outlier of the EP, yet it still doesn’t feel too foreign. That track features Andrés, and is probably one of my top tracks of the entire EP, although all of the songs are really good. Veins is the opening track, and it’s also another great song. The opening guitar riff with the vocals was flawless, and then the drums come in hitting hard. From there it goes into the sort of hip hop or r&b beat for a brief thirty seconds or so. Dichotomy and Garden are both killer too, the latter being the single that Jack released a few weeks back.

My favorite track however is the final one, Flowers and Theft. It has a dance-like quality to it while still reminding you that this is more or less a punk band. I love the guitar-work that they came up with, and how right when you think it’s done, everything comes back up and then dies down again. The 2nd to last riff really makes the song and might be one of the catchiest riffs I’ve heard on a record in awhile. Solid performance by The Buried Heart, you can find for FREE on bandcamp, and will also be in iTunes and Spotify by roughly the 23rd.

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