Cardigan Records’ An Author, A Poet Release New Song

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Our friends at Cardigan Records turned us onto a new band called An Author, A Poet and we are glad they did. We want you to know them as well! An Author, A Poet released their brand new music video for ‘Reset//Restore’ just a week ago.
Frontman Brandon Talley told New Noise Magazine who had the premiere this:

The title track ‘Reset//Restore’ is a darker song amongst the rest that dives more into addictions and temptation. The song itself is very open to interpretation and is about finding a way to overcome substance abuse and realizing when it’s gone to far. It’s also for those who see it in a pier to act before they lose the sibling, the parent, the spouse, or the friends their worried about.

You can listen to the new song below and make sure you go tell the band what you think!

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