2017 Is The Year Of The Super Group

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Over the last year or so we have seen tons of bands come back and get together for the ever loved yet super cliche ten year tours. If they didn’t break up then they went on to do it like any other tour they have done in the past. In the midst of all of these reunions and reflections of the past, something else has been brewing and the cap has been blown off of it. The super group.

This year could be deemed the year of the super groups as we have seen quite a bit being announced and pop up. We will go through and share some of the top tier ones in this piece.

#4 Dreamcar

What do you get when you mix members of No Doubt with AFI? Dreamcar! The 80s synth pop infused band comprises of all of No Doubt minus Gwen Stefani with AFI’s beloved Davey Havok on the mic. The project is a night and day difference from their main groups, but Havok’s voice sounds like it was made for this project!

#3 The Fever 333

When The Chariot announced their breakup in 2013, the heavy music world truly lost a one of a kind band. When Letlive. announced their’s this year, again, another unique and passionate one of a kind group was again lost. For those fans, this may not heal all wounds but we are all stoked to see Jason Butler and Stephen Harrison, Jason of Letlive. and Stephen of The Chariot, doing music again. Throw in Night Versus’ Aric Improta and you have a gem of talented musicians.

#2. Hundred Suns

Norma Jean + Every Time I Die + Dead & Divine (RIP)= Hundred Suns.
This is certainly one of the most anticipated since it was announced. Though the only band here that is broken up is Dead & Divine, which we highly suggest checking them out, that didn’t stop Cory Brandan from fronting his second band. The music is gritty, hard, catchy, and impactful. We recently chatted with Cory Brandan which you can hear HERE.


Oh boy where do we begin with this one! Certainly the best super group lineup in this writer’s opinion due to the number of members in the project and where they came from. Let’s start there!

Mark Barelaii (At The Skylines)-Vocals
Sean Bell (In Fear & Faith/Attack Attack!)- Guitars
Jeff Helberg (Confide)- Guitars
Scott Barnes (In Fear & Faith)- Bass/Clean Vocals
Zac Mayfield (Oh, Sleeper)- Drums

That lineup alone should have anyone stoked! All of those bands made their marks in the scene in their own special way. Minus Oh, Sleeper, all of those bands have broken up and have been having such a demand to return. Now we have members of each in one mighty project. Listen to our interview with Jeff Helberg HERE to learn about how it all happened and the history front to back of Confide.

Who did we miss? Which of these bands are your favorite super group? Let us know!

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