The Worshiper Signs To Raging Storm Records

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Lynchburg, VA based record label has signed its third act in North Carolina’s The Worshiper. Though Raging Storm Records may be a newer name for many, they are on track to become a major player with many pieces in place. BoughtxBlood is one of the first acts on their roster who have some weight behind their name.

The Worshiper takes after bands such as As I Lay Dying, For Today, Fit For A King, etc in their style of technicality, heaviness, and anthemic sing alongs. The band is a faith based band in which they use the platform to spread love and hope that they have found in Jesus. Jon Lockett, A&R for Raging Storm Records, had this to say on The Worshiper:

The worshiper is a breath of fresh air to the christian metal scene. Their heart for god and others, alongside Their musical talent, will take them far in the industry

The Worshiper’s Wesley Moore also said:

We are very honored to be working with the most humble and persevering team I have met in a long time. Signing with Raging Storm not only means signing to a label, but growing with a family. I am eager to be apart of a group of people who share not only the same passion for music, but for Jesus Christ.

Working with Raging Storm Records opens up our future. We will meeting more people, touring more, and recording a full length album underneath them.

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