WATCH: Trust Company Performs W/ Original Lineup at Blue Ridge 2023 Video + Photo Gallery

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One of my personal favorite performances at this year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival was from the Montgomery Alabama rock outfit Trust Campany. What made this performance so special was this was the first time in 17 years that this lineup of Trust Company had taken the stage together. Watching the band perform, you could from the chemistry between the members that everyone was excited to be on that stage. I compare their performance to last year’s performance from Kittie. You could tell this was not a money grab like many “Reunions” are. The band took the stage mid-afternoon at about 3:30 and gave fans the performance they deserved. Hopefully, this will not be the last we will see Trust Company take the stage even if it’s just a handful of one-off shows and not a national tour. However, if it is take out our video of the band performing their hit single Downfall.

Trust Company: Downfall LIVE Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023

Trust Campany Photo Gallery Blue Ridge Rock Festival 23

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