The Mega-Monsters Tour Obliterates Hammond, IN

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Two metal giants are collaborating this year to provide the heaviest riffs and nastiest percussions known to man as Gojira and Mastodon join each other on the road for the Mega-Monsters tour! Joining them for this beast of a run is the deathcore band Lorna Shore who have been solidifying their place in the metal scene since the mid-2010s. This past weekend, they stopped at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN and did not disappoint! 

Starting the night was Lorna Shore who provided a great start for the night to come. Belting vocals from vocalist Will Ramos echo through the venue as fans are shouting lyrics right back to the band. Other band members would signal to the fans in attendance to throw their hands up and mosh as much as they could. The entire band continued to amp up the crowd throughout their set and made sure that everyone in attendance was primed for the co-headliners of the night!

Lorna Shore Gallery

Next up was the first co-headliner of the night: Mastodon. A band that has remained unchanged for 20+ years, they are veterans when it comes to providing fans with the best performance possible. This is when fans in attendance finally got to experience the giant LED screens behind the band that portrayed psychedelic visuals as they played their set. The setlist of songs ranged from their early work to their newest release “Hushed and Grim.” Bassist Troy Sanders was very energetic as he would run back and forth on stage headbanging and bouncing to each song, while guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher would throw up the devil horn or their guitars in between songs. After the set, drummer Brann Dailor would hop up to the center microphone and tell the crowd how much the band loves playing in the Chicagoland area before he thanked the crowd and got them ready for Gojira.

The final band of the night was the french powerhouse Gojira; a band that is unparalleled when it comes to a live show. They provide an incredible performance that is intense as much as it is fun. Vocalist Joe Duplantier stares down the audience as he provides raw power from his vocals and bassist Jean-Michel Labadie runs through the stage before planting on top of the stage monitors to engage with the crowd mid-song. Through each passing song, more and more audience members begin crowd surfing towards the band as they powered through their incredible setlist. For Gojira’s performance, the giant LED screens were accompanied by frequent fire bursts behind the band members that made sure to light the entire venue and have every fan sweating in excitement.

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