Underoath Respond To ‘F Bomb’ Backlash

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While being one of the most influential bands to ever exist in the heavy music world is amazing, growing up and becoming different people with that growth can cause some longtime fans to criticize change. Even everyday people lose friendships over them growing and changing and progressing, add-on literally millions of fans and that backlash can be magnified. Underoath released their first song since the two singles before their breakup, announced the first record in 8 years, and first with drummer/singer Aaron Gillespie in 10 years and yet all people seem to care about is Underoath dropping the ‘f bomb’ in the song…only once.

Listen To ‘On My Teeth’:

‘Good Christian Boys’

Underoath began in the late 90s as a Christian death metal outfit in Tampa, FL. In fact, the only remaining member from that era is Aaron Gillespie. Through the years the band switched up their style and the lineup we see today was set on the iconic 2004 release ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’. Through this time and beyond, Underoath would promote their Christian faith from the stage and in their music, though not explicitly mentioned other than here and there.

This was an era when it seemed like every major band or headlining Warped Tour band was a Christian band and even bands that exist now who are not religious were back then or were in bands who were. It seemed like this was a trend going on, playing heavy music and be Christian. That really does sound like an odd pairing.

The Change

To say that none of the Underoath guys still have their faith would be not true, in fact, a good number of them do. The band just isn’t a Christian band anymore as bassist Grant Brandell came out as an atheist and even frontman Spencer Chamberlain has mentioned questioning and trying to figure out what it is he believes. This all has seemed to upset some of the longtime fans who have remained in that conservative Christian bubble where every band has to stay the same as they were over ten years ago. Mike Hranica, frontman of The Devil Wears Prada, maintains faith yet has been heard on stage saying ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ during shows. People are not the same people they were decades ago and if so, the person hasn’t grown.

Responding To The ‘F Bomb’

While Underoath never swore in their music, it was getting common to hear them in interviews or elsewhere doing so. The new powerful single ‘On My Teeth’ is the first Underoath song with any cursing in it. Spencer Chamberlain’s band after the breakup, Sleepwave, did have swearing in it and on the last few tours we have heard swearing live on the stage. So this is not something new to be heard from the band, though many fans seem let down by it, others who don’t care were at least shocked. Both Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain have posted on twitter about the backlash:

Pre-Order ‘Erase Me’:

‘Erase Me’ is released April 6th via Fearless Records and you can preorder it below:

Image result for underoath erase me cover

‘Erase Me’ via Underoath store

‘Erase Me’ via MerchNow store

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