Silent Planet Frontman Was ‘On The Toilet’ When Band Name Was Called On APMA Win

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Silent Planet got to add their name to the list of bands who have won the ‘Skully’ for ‘Best Underground Band’. So nothing to see here right? Well not so much. A what was assumed a sarcastic joke about being on the toilet by frontman Garrett Russell, turns out he was dead serious! The band took to Facebook to reflect on their career after winning the award.

Watch the video below and read their facebook post below that in which the toilet bit is in bold:

Silent Planet:

Hi Lovers. I’m hopping on here to clear my head and try to order my thoughts after receiving an award we don’t deserve in an ornate theater in front of a whole host of strangers and friends. Feel free to skip this, it’s just my way of processing and making up for things unsaid.
When your band name is called and you are sitting on a toilet, a million things run through your mind – primarily “I’m such an idiot I need to run to stage.”
Luckily, I made it in time but due to my utter surprise I forgot to say a few things that are important to me.
First, I was told that 69,000 unique people voted for us to win “Best Underground Band” award. Truthfully, I don’t really know what that award title means, but I suppose that most these votes were a way of expressing “I like this band.” So, thank you. We don’t deserve your support, but I can promise you that we will continually strive to be the hardest working band in the world. We want to write the best music, lyrics, and play the best shows we are capable of.
Second, we’d like to thank our manager, Cory Hajde, for taking a chance on our tiny band a few years ago as we dragged our gear into Double Happiness in Columbus. We’d like to thank Solid State Records for signing us and funding our creative ventures. We’d like to thank RYFO families across America for housing us and feeding us when we had absolutely no funds on the roads for years of grinder tours. We’d like to thank Matt Andersen for booking our band and helping us get on tours with bands like For Today and Phinehas who took a chance on our music and message.
Third and most important, I’d like to thank Jesus for being my revolution and guide through this life. Because of the Gospel, I believe in redemption for veterans suffering from PTSD, native youth growing up in abandoned reservations, kids fighting eating disorders and depression, Coptic Christians persecuted in the Middle East, LGBTQ folk around the world in situations where they are forced to hide their identities to survive – and so many other folks who are born into disadvantaged positions.
For some reason, we’ve been given this platform and we’ll try to be faithful with it. Thanks for putting the whole night together, Alternative Press. For reals, Knocked Loose and Movements and so many other bands were probably more deserving of an award or folks cheering for them on a stage, but we humbly thank you for opening your homes, venues, and ears to us. Wherever you live in the world, we hope to see you soon. Grace and Peace.

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