Santana Brings Blessings & Miracles Tour to Simpsonville SC

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I tell you there’s a handful of musicians that are on my bucket list to see and God willing capture images of. Carlos Santana is one of those musicians. Like many others I first discovered Santana in 1999 thanks to MTV and Matchbox 20’s, frontman Rob Thomas and their collaboration on the hit single Smooth. I remember being a young guitar player and being captivated by how Santana’s lead guitar drove the song just as much as Rob Thomas’ vocal. Being someone who was heavy in the Nu-metal scene with bands like, Korn, Limp Bizkit and Deftones I had never heard anything like this. Of course I had heard guitar solos and heavy guitar riffs, but I had never heard someone combine musicianship and culture then bring it to the mainstream. Fast forward 20+ years and seeing Santana perform live and in person I’m still as in aw at 36,  as I was as a 14 year old beginner guitarist. To watch Carlos glide over those strings so effortlessly honestly made me a little jealous as a guitarist, made me yearn for half the talent he has. Now let’s not forget the band behind Santana. These guys bring so much of the Spanish culture to the live performance it’s unreal! From the combination of traditional drums and bongos, to maracas and tambourines, down to the keyboard player, you can see and feel the Spanish culture intertwined through-out. There is truly something going on across the entire stage to grab your attention. Santana played a massive 19 song set including those hit singles Maria Maria and Smooth



Woodstock Intro
* Soul Sacrifice
* Jingo
* Evil Ways
* Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
* Oye como va
* Carlos Ballad
* She’s Not There
* She’s Fire
* Move
* (Da le) Yaleo
* Put Your Lights On
* Corazo’n Espinado
* Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)
* Maria Maria
* Foo Foo
~Sentient Intro
* Are You Ready
* Smooth
* Love, Peace and Happiness
* Get Together

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