CONCERT GALLERY: Badflower at The Fillmore

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Hard Rock band Badflower brought their “This Is How The World Ends” tour to The Fillmore in Charlotte on Tuesday night, including a few songs played for the first time live. Here are some shots from the night and the setlist:


  1. Fukboi
  2. Don’t Hate Me
  3. Johnny Wants to Fight
  4. 30
  5. Only Love(Live debut)
  6. Tethered(Live debut)
  7. Heroin
  8. The Jester
  9. Promise Me
  10. Stalker(Live debut)
  11. Everyone’s an Asshole(Live debut)
  12. Family
  13. Sasshole(Live debut)
  14. Girlfriend
  15. Machine Gun(Live debut)
  16. Ghost


17. My Funeral

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