Morla Collective: The Future Is Here

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Imagine having the chance to have a single done with one of the top producers in the scene. Imagine having a video done with professional quality and treatment. Imagine having a mind blowing art piece for your album/single. These are things every band or artist needs but isn’t cheap, however the Morla Collective is changing that. Today Morla Collective has released a mashup video teasing their work they do, all for free allowing the artist to keep their royalties. You can check the clip below:

Why this matters is because the industry is in a state of top business players are making the cash while the creators are not minus the big names who even still aren’t getting what the stars of the past did. Every band or artist today has to be putting money somewhere whether to an agent, manager, producer, etc which those services aren’t bad and are needed, but sadly the artist sees little to nothing.

Morla Collective acts as all of those with its team donating their time and services out of love for music and wanting to see a change in the industry. This could be the future to put the earnings mostly back into the artists’ hands.

We recently spoke to the founder of Morla Collective, Chango Studios owner Cameron Mizell, on a recent podcast which you can find HERE.

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