True Power Tour Rocks Charlotte North Carolina

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The True Power Tour started off with the heavy opener “Eyes Roll Back” from Texas’ very own Fit For A King. The band has been very actively touring and back again in the Carolinas since their last visit in April. This time, FFAK is here to show off their new album “The Hell We Create” (Released 10/28/22). The energy was very high for this set as bassist Tuck performed about 100 revolutions with his bass spinning around on the stage . Who doesn’t appreciate a very active stage presence ? I have personally seen Fit For A King live over 10 times since their inception in smaller venues , and can say that I am very proud of their impressive catalog and stage stamina/charisma . Check out their new album as in my opinion, it’s one of their best releases.

Fit For A King: The Price of Agony: LIVE Charlotte North Carolina

Pierce The Veil is BACK! In my humble opinion, this was the highlight of the tour. The San Diego post hardcore band that everyone loves, have been inactive since about 2018. The last time I actually saw them was at Warped Tour 2015 in Charlotte (Yes that long !) . They opened the show with Hell Above and following that , they performed the first single, Pass The Nirvana off of their new album The Jaws Of Life (Releasing 2-10-23). PTV performed a bunch of fan favorites spanning across their catalog and closed on their biggest hit King For A Day.

Pierce The Veil LIVE Charlotte North Carolina

I Prevail had some big shoes to fill after the amazing set from Pierce The Veil. I actually have never seen I Prevail live and noticed that the last time they came to Charlotte was at the Epicenter Festival back in 2020. Since this is called the True Power Tour, I Prevail played the first 5 tracks off of their latest release “True Power”. The first track after the intro (There’s A Fear In Letting Go), has a great mix of cleans and screams to draw me in to the set. The overall set was very attractive with SFX and a huge LED wall to draw the crowd in . Production and performance was top notch. I would definitely go back and see the band again in the future.

I Prevail: There’s Fear In Letting Go: LIVE in Charlotte North Carolina
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