Trinity of Terror Tour Charlotte NC

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls let me welcome you the a night filled with Chaos! Horror! And Murder! That’s right you’ve stepped into the Trinity of Terror! Shortly after 7:30 the Mayhem began in Uptown Charlotte! The lights went black and the crowd began to chant, Motionless! Motionless! Motionless! Then the all familiar sound of “Disguise” hits the air! The crowd goes nuts! The silhouette of drummer Vinny Mauro appears with his devil horns in the air! Crowd chants louder Motionless! Motionless! Motionless! The one by one the band hits the stage. Lead singer Chris Motionless hits center stage and the crowd goes wild! Chris gives the crowd his signature glare followed by “Charlotte North Carolina are you F*****g ready!!!!!” Then the band hits it into high gear with the opening lyrics “Get Up! Get Up!” from the band’s single Disguise from their 2019 release by the same name. Motionless kept the energy flowing leading straight into fan favorite Reincarnate. Motionless performed 11 tracks covering songs from Disguise, Graveyard Shift, Reincarnate, Scoring the End of the World, and a cover of The Killers “Somebody Told Me”. We have 3 Live videos from the show up on our YouTube channel which you can view HERE. Check out the band’s latest single CyberHex below.

Motionless In White: Cyberhex LIVE Charlotte NC

Motionless In White Concert Gallery

Following Motionless in White, was none other than Black Veil Brides. Andy Biersack and band took the energy that Motionless had built up and took it to the next level. For the next 45 mins Black Veil Brides gave fans a show full of 11 song spanning across their catalog. My 2 favorite things about Black Veil Brides, is 1 Andy’s voice. I love that raspy rock voice that he has, but also the vocal range he has as well. Second, is the Guitar riffs. As a guitar player I love it when a band shreds, and Black Veil Brides shred just as good live as they do on their albums. Check out the gallery below as well as a live performance of fan Favorite “In The End”

Ice Nine Kills was the last band to hit the stage in Charlotte North Carolina. One thing that caught my attention was the attention to detail INK puts in their show. For example, as any Ice Nine Kills fan would know INK front man Spencer Charnas is a MASSIVE scream fan. They have a song about Scream and you’ll see Ghostface on INK Merch as well. But one thing I noticed and knew the show was about to start, was behind bands before the lights went down. A song was playing over the speakers and any horror fan would recognize the tune, they my not recognize the artist, but they’d know the tune. It’s Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Red Right Hand. This song was featured in the original movie. Once the lights went out you hear the opening dialog from the band’s latest album going straight into the band’s title track from the album “Welcome to Horrorwood”. The night was filled with 12 horrifying tracks spanning across the band’s 3 albums.

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