The Almost Drops First New Track “Chokehold” From Upcoming Album

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Aside from an acoustic version of “Hand Grenade,” I haven’t heard anything from Florida band “The Almost” in years. This morning, they dropped a new song with an accompanying visual for “Chokehold.”

This would mark their first official release in over 5 years.

Though there have currently been no official announcements, if one were to look at The Almost’s Facebook page, it seems this song is a single off an album “Fear Caller” which is set to be released October 18th of this year.

With Aaron Gillespie’s hands in a bunch of other business(See: Underoath), it seems as if this is not stopping him from making new music with The Almost. Now, to be honest, I haven’t heard the last 2 projects they put out “Fear Inside Our Bones(2013)” or “Monster Monster(2009)” but I thoroughly enjoyed their breakout record “Southern Weather(2007).”

The new visual is very abstract, and sonically, this new material sounds different than the music that got me into this band; but hey, its been TWELVE years, would you expect the band and the people in the band to stay exactly the same?

Its not as heavy, its more abstract, but its still The Almost.

What do you think about the new music video? Is The Almost making a real comeback? Should Aaron just stick to Underoath? Is this video SUPER weird?

Tell us your thoughts and check out the new video for “Chokehold” below!

“CHOKEHOLD” – The Almost

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