Slaves Front Man Jonny Craig Releases Statement On Departure

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Earlier today news broke that Slaves had parted ways with front man Jonny Craig. Since then, Craig has taken to instagram to release his official statement.

First before I say anything I just want everyone to know how much I love and appreciate all the support I have had through these years of an amazing career. I am not here to make a statement addressing drama or starting any. these last few months have been super overwhelming and unfortunately I have let myself break and get back to a dark place. I wanted to wait for the band to release what they were going to say so that you guys had the info you needed to make sure you can still catch them on the ETF tour dates. Every single person in the band put in a lot of work to make that set and it should be seen. I don’t want to make this long so ill get right to it. I relapsed and used and it is the reason I am stepping down from slaves at this time. for the first time in my career and in my life I will be doing whhats best for me and my sobriety and health and I stayed home to focus on a program and medications that will help me get back to feeling like I honestly belong out here touring and making beautiful music for each and everyone of you. This was the right choice am im sorry to the band for the tight position but they have been left in st such short notice. again I love all of you and this isn’t me quitting music.. this is simply me just putting everything on pause like I should have done in the past and take a real honest and aggressive approach to my disease. Thank you all for the support and love and please respect this silence that will follow this message.

Yours truly Jonny Craig

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