Pvris & Lights Rock Sold Out 9:30 Club in DC

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It’s no secret to anyone that Pvris has come a long over the past few years. They’ve quickly went from “that band on the Ernie Ball Stage that was really good” to “My favorite band in the world right now”. I don’t know what it is about Pvris, but they delivered one of the most beautiful, personal, and electrifying performances I’ve seen in awhile, this past Monday night.

Lights took the stage and fired the crowd up for Pvris, playing for about a 45 minute set with tons of songs from her brand new album “Skin and Earth”. Lights had done headline runs through 9:30 Club before, it was awesome finally getting to catch her, but I gotta say I’m even more excited that she’ll be back next month on her own headline tour, to see even more songs.

I really don’t even know where to start with Pvris. I have so many things to stay about them, and their performance. I guess I’ll start with saying this: I’ve seen Pvris live about 15 times, and Lynn has never sounded better than she did Monday night. Ever. Pvris performed “Heaven” to open their set up, followed by “St. Patrick”, “Smoke”, “Half”, “Fire”, “Holy” and “You and I” before drummer Justin & Bassist Brian left the stage briefly while Lynn & Alex performed “Same Soul” acoustically. Right after they finished, Lynn made a brief joke about their next song and broke into “Somebody once told me”, and from there, the entire crowd took over and preceded to recite Smashmouth’s “All-Star” through the end of the first chorus. Lynn and the boys stood there, stunned and amused, as did I. That was pretty entertaining to watch. Once the rush from that died down, Pvris preceded to play “What’s Wrong”, “Winter”, “Separate”, “Anyone Else”, “My House”, leaving the stage, and coming back to play “No Mercy” as their Encore. It’s really cool to say that I saw Pvris open up for Mayday Parade at 9:30 Club just a couple years ago, and now I can say I saw them headline the same venue and completely sell it out a short time later. It’s only a matter of time before they’re selling out arenas, so if you have a chance to catch them soon, don’t sleep on it.

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