Maggie Schneider’s “Mixed Signals” Explores the Intricacies of Modern Dating

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“Mixed Signals” Artwork

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Maggie Schneider releases a pop-anthem in “Mixed Signals

In the age of Facebook Dating, Tinder and endless online dating sites, what even is “dating” anymore? Where is the rulebook, and how did I not get one? These blurry lines are not only visited, but explored in-depth on “Mixed Signals,” the brand new song from emerging artist Maggie Schneider.

Known for her soulful voice, and incredible piano chops, Maggie takes her singer-songwriter abilities and cranks out a full-fledged pop-anthem in “Mixed Signals.” Much like previous releases, the song starts off with a cool piano riff. However, unlike earlier material, this track quickly transitions into poppy 808s and synths. It’s also clear Maggie sticks to her roots with the raw and “emotional type” lyrics most profoundly heard in her 2018 EP “Tinted Glasses.

Mixed Signals” is a clear signal that Schneider has found exactly where she wants to be, musically. With the assistance of Alex Downtain and Ben Humkey (Homegrown Studios) the production on this song is of higher quality than any of her other earlier releases. While I am a personal fan of the melancholy, acoustic, “yank-your-heart-out” feels displayed in previous tracks; I can still thoroughly enjoy this poppier, radio friendly sound. The lyrics in “Mixed Signals” stay true to form:

You love me, you love me not…knocking at my front door, for all those things you didn’t tell me…had too much of those excuses of why your heart just froze.

When asked about the meaning behind the track, as well as the writing process, this is what Maggie had to say:

“I wrote this song last summer on my bedroom floor, about a relationship full of mixed signals. It’s safe to say that we’ve all been frustrated with a relationship that blows hot and cold; the person you like won’t text you back for weeks but then shows up at your door with some crazy romantic gesture. I think there are even more mixed signals that arise with online dating and the ways that people connect with each other today. You can’t truly get to know somebody who says they love you one day and then doesn’t talk to you the next. This song is about the frustrations of dating today – We all deserve better, and we need to treat each other better. Just be kind and honest to one another. I love this song because we experimented with a ton of synthesizers and fun pop elements that I’m definitely not used to playing with, but they allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and create my own sound influenced by both rock and indie pop music.”

With the aesthetically appropriate single artwork/promo photos taken by Savana Ogburn (rose petals as the floor, roses hanging from ceiling, etc). “Mixed Signals” is pretty straightforward in terms of solid new pop-rock music. I could definitely hear this song on mainstream FM radio networks and wouldn’t bat an eye.

Mixed Signals” is set to release everywhere this Friday, November 15.

Presave “Mixed SignalsHERE

Also check out Maggie Schneider on social media & her website: Facebook // Website // Linktree

-Calebjustcaleb #AimHigh803

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