Our Last Night Lets Light Overcome in Atlanta

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December 7th, 2019 – The Masquerade filled up as Ashland started the show, hundreds of excited fans coming together to watch as old favorites and new up-and-coming bands would take the stage, playing songs spanning the diverse catalogues of each band.

The “Let Light Overcome the Darkness” tour packed out Heaven, one of the bigger indoor venues in Atlanta, with hundreds of locals waiting to see Ashland, The Word Alive, I See Stars, and Our Last Night.

Our Last Night released two records this year, and played singles off of both of them, combined with nearly twenty songs spanning their twelve year career span. You can listen to the new record, Overcome the Darkness, on Spotify and all other major streaming services:

The Word Alive tagged in I See Stars guitarist Brent Allen to play for them while their rhythm guitarist was home tending to a personal issue. In return, they bought him shots.

I See Stars had an electrifying set, full of stage effects and energy – playing songs from their most recent record, Treehouse, which was released nearly 3 years ago. With their direct support position on this tour, they may be gearing up to release a new record in 2020.

Our Last Night, who is now very well known for doing regular covers online, played a set of nearly all originals, except for a Kendrick Lamar cover of HUMBLE. Their set was great for new and old fans alike, and Our Last Night proves to their critics that they’re more than just a cover band.

View the full photo gallery below:

Photography provided by Matthew Alexander, our Atlanta Concert Photographer.

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