One, Ok Rock North American Tour 2022 (Charlotte NC)

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Fame on Fire

One Ok Rock’s North American Tour is hosted in Charlotte NC on it’s sixth date opened by Florida’s Rock/Post Hardcore band “Fame On Fire” . Here at SoundLink Magazine, we were able to cover them back on the first leg of the Trinity Of Terror tour . This time around , Fame On Fire is the heaviest band on this tour . They opened their set with the first track of their newest album and title track “Welcome To The Chaos” . As predicted, Fame On Fire played the same exact set as the last time we saw them, which isn’t a bad thing , just more of Deja Vu. Check out their new album “Welcome To The Chaos ” which came out this year to hear more from them. 

Fame on Fire: Ketamine LIVE in Charlotte North Carolina 9/25/22

You Me at Six

English rock band You Me At Six have not been to Charlotte in 9 years according to them and I believe I was at that show if I remember correctly. You Me At Six still have the same energy I remember and opened their set with the popular track “Loverboy” all the way back from their 2011 album “Sinners Never Sleep” . It seems that throughout their set, all the old fanbase showed up singing along with all of their tracks from their earlier years as a band. Their set was pretty straightforward and I can’t say anything bad from a quality standpoint. Perhaps the band is a little more relaxed than I am used to, but that just goes with their more mellow sound that they offer .

You Me At Six: Deep Cuts Charlotte NC 9/25/22

One Ok Rock

For the headliner, we have Tokyo’s very own One, Ok Rock. As some of you may know, it is probably very difficult for an international band to come so far to the states and here at SLM, we are very fortunate to have been able to cover this . The lights dim and the 4 piece Japanese rock band storms the stage as the crowd goes NUTS. One, Ok Rock starts their set off with a fan favorite “Save Yourself” . I am a new listener to the band and wow , Taka (Vocalist) has an insane range . I really think Taka is the equivalent to Brandon Urie in Japan.”OOR” played a bunch of anthemic tracks that makes you wonder why they are not selling out arenas here in the States. The band mainly played songs from their new album “Luxury Disease” which was released this year and their previous albums “Eye Of The Storm” & “Ambitions”. The new album has a great mix of English-Japanese , making it easily listenable . I hope to be able to cover them the next time around and expect a much larger scene for them to really let loose on the stage. Check out their new album and our videos we captured below. 

One Ok Rock LIVE in Charlotte North Carolina
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