Oli Sykes’ INSANE Scream Hints At New Heavy Music

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Since 2015 with the release of That’s The Spirit some Bring Me The Horizon fans have been unable to accept the shift in the band’s sound. Many claim it’s “Too Poppy” and they want their deathcore band back. Other’s embraced the shift and watch it kick start the band’s career into the mainstream light. Well, where ever you stand, it’s safe to say Bring Me The Horizon is teasing something HEAVY AF for 2020. In a recent video the band uploaded to YouTube titled “10BMTH8 -the guttural-.mp4” you see the guys working on a possible rough track for a new record. Along with the video the band uploaded the following description.

buh da day da buh day da. it’s another day in isolation but one th1ng is fursur… the guttural is back. =:b #BMTH8 #StayHome #WithMe

So you be the judge. Is 2020 going to be the return of “Count Your Blessings”, or is the band just throwing around idea and teasing fans. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts. Are you a fan of the band’s new sound or do you want them to return to their heavier roots.

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