nothing,nowhere. Performs At The Ritz

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Getting to shoot for one of my very favorite artists of all time was a literal dream come true this past Saturday night. Joe Mulherin, better known by his stage name “nothing,nowhere.“, had admitted on Instagram just a couple of hours prior that performing shows gives him a lot of anxiety and is a challenge for him. He’s no stranger to wearing his mental health and vulnerability on his sleeve, which is part of why fans identify with him so much, myself included. Armed with nothing more than “a mic, two guitars, and a dream in (his) hands”, NN took the stage seemingly without fear. He was perfectly in his element, whether he realized it or not, and it was a magical thing to witness. He performed an incredible set, with everything from “Pretend” to “Fake Friend” to his brand new single “Pieces Of You”.

You can find NN currently on tour with All Time Low and Meet Me At The Altar, and you can check out his latest single below:

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