Icon For Hire Tears Down The Masquerade

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It was a chilly day in October. The outside of the venue was crowded with eager fans, huddling for warmth. As soon as local openers Sarah and the Safe Word came on stage, we all knew it would be an excellent night. The Atlanta Sextet ripped the stage apart with beautiful harmonies, symphonic sounds, and loads of innuendos.

Veridia followed up with a powerful performance, playing old and new songs for the hyped and sweaty crowd. The energy stayed high, as singer Deena Jakoub absolutely dominated the room with empowering energy.

Icon For Hire headlined the massive show with a beautiful light show, A+ presentation, and pitch perfect vocals, getting the crowd off of their feet and inspiring awe in a crowd full of young women. They played their newest single, “Hollow”, promoting mental health awareness and social media’s celebration of societal norms. Ariel absolutely tore up the stage and made it clear that Icon For Hire was a name the modern rock world should remember.

You can listen to Hollow and their newest releases on their Spotify profile.

View the full photo gallery of the show, provided courtesy of our Atlanta Photographer, Matthew Alexander, below.

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