Halloween With Trivium & Arch Enemy In Baltimore

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Halloween night in Baltimore was one to remember this year. Families were out in full force trick or treating around 5:30pm in Federal Hill, but across the Harbor at Soundstage, a different crowd was lined up and ready for the second show of Trivium & Arch Enemy’s fall co-headlining tour.

Fit For an Autopsy opened the show but some of the band was unable to perform themselves, so they had some fill ins play their set. Somehow, they were able to acquire Batman for lead vocals, Consuelo on drums, and an I can’t even begin to tell you what or who on guitar. But we’ll let the photos do the costumes justice. Kudos to FFAA for going all out with their costumes, they definitely won “Best Show” in that category.

While She Sleeps took the stage next and ripped a short but sweet set full of songs from their late 2016 release “You Are We”, followed by vocalist Loz Taylor climbing up on the railing to the VIP area, walking the length of said railing, then fighting his way through the crowd to get back to the stage.

I can’t even begin to say enough about Arch Enemy, who played the first half of the co-headline split. This was my 5th time seeing Arch Enemy live, and they seemed as energetic and better than ever. Vocalist Alissa Gluz-White took the crowd by storm and unleashed massive circle pits during their set, which featured a ton of material from “War Eternal” their new album “Will To Power”, which was released earlier this summer. Arch Enemy has and will always be a treat to watch live, and I can’t wait for them to return to the United States to do a headline tour in support of “Will To Power”. This band has such an extremely talented lineup, between guitarist’s Michael Amott & the (not so recently) acquired Jeff Loomis. While I could go on and on, I’m gonna go ahead a drop a “To Be Continued….” for a hopeful headline run.

Onto Trivium, which played the second half of the co-headline set. Just like Arch Enemy, I have a lengthy history of Trivium shows under my belt, which makes me have very high expectations every time I attend one of their shows. And once again, those high expectations were met. Matching the theme of “new albums”, Trivium, not even 2 full weeks into their release of “The Sin and the Sentence”, took to the stage opening with the title track itself. The other new additions to the setlist were “The Heart From Your Hate”, “Betrayer”, and “Thrown Into the Fire”. Trivium, like your favorite alcoholic beverage, only get better with age. One theme I’ve noticed with their albums, is they continue to get better, and never disappoint. You can find the entire Halloween setlist below!

  1. The Sin and the Sentence
  2. Down From the Sky
  3. Betrayer
  4. Until The World Goes Cold
  5. Like Light to the Flies
  6. Rain
  7. Dusk Dismantled
  8. Strife
  9. The Heat From Your Hate
  10. Kirisute Gomen
  11. Thrown Into the Fire
  12. In Waves
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